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Time Portal Introduces the New Sharing Module

What is the Sharing Module?

If you are a farm labor contractor and provide labor to farmers and other businesses in agriculture, then your labor data is not only important to you but, it is important to your customer as well. Time Portal has introduced the new Sharing module which allows the user of Time Portal to create an account for their customers. The customer can then login to Time Portal and access selected information.

The sharing module will help reduce the amount of work needed to prepare and curate data, and to deliver that data to the customer. With the Sharing module, the customer can log in and access their information anytime they need. The data is also viewable on mobile devices thanks to our mobile friendly website.

We are excited to announce this new feature and hope that it is well received. We have seen first-hand how much work it is to prepare this kind of information each and every week and we hope it will help you.

Learn more about the Sharing Module

We have prepared a series of articles that cover how the Sharing Module works and how it can be used to help reduce your work load. Please visit the "Getting Started with Sharing" article on our support website.

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