H-2A & Domestic Labor Management Software

Time Portal is a modern software suite for farm labor contractors, growers or
anyone who uses H-2A labor and wants to manage their time and attendance, H-2A contracts and more...

Simplify your time sheets, payroll and H-2A record keeping within minutes

Time Portal eliminates the hassles of traditional time sheet management and H-2A record keeping requirements.

Less paperwork, more farming.

Take a look at some of our great features below and learn how Time Portal can help your operation.
Time & Attendance
Easily track time & attendance data for large groups of employees. Use our mobile app in remote locations where internet is unavailable.
Piece Production
Harvesting more than one crop? We know that not all crops are harvested the same way. Time Portal is flexible enough to be used for any crop.
H-2A Hours Offered
Keep digital records of all your worker contracts and hours offered. Ensure accurate 3/4 guarantees by the end of your contracts.
Job, Location, Crop/Variety Tracking
Track multiple jobs, locations and crops/varieties. Easily switch between these for one employee or an entire crew. Time Portal gives you ultimate reporting flexibility.
Digital Record Keeping / Compliance
Go digital and you'll save time.
You'll also have access to actionable information and audit reports with a few clicks of the mouse.
Minimum Wage Calculations
Time Portal will save you time and ensure accuracy when calculating minimum wage makeup for piece pay.
It will even help you determine your optimal piece rate.
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Time Portal is trusted and relied on daily by businesses like yours

“Our business would not exist without Time Portal!”
David Judah
Owner, Legacy Labor LLC
"I can confidently tell any potential customer in our industry that there is no better software and team to trust with your company’s time keeping needs.”
Damon Barnes
CFO, Everglades Harvesting & Hauling, inc.
“Time Portal saves me hours each week in payroll processing.”
Brandon Hoyt
Office Manager, Miller Harvesting, LLC

Powerful Integrations with your Payroll Software

Time Portal creates payroll import files for many popular payroll systems. Plus, it includes advanced features that let you customize exported data.  

Time Portal In Action

Time Portal is used by Growers, FLC's, PEO's and others all over the country

Payroll Processed
Pieces Collected
Locations Tracked
Time Sheets Created

Plans that scale with you

We understand that worker counts fluctuate throughout the growing season. With Time Portal, only pay for what you use.
Per Active Worker, Per Month
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    Per Active Worker, Per Month
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      Is there a minimum worker count?

      No. We don't have a minimum worker count. Companies of all shapes and sizes use Time Portal each and every day.

      Do I lose my prepaid credits at the end of the year if I don't use them?

      No. If you prepay with the annual plan, any unused credits roll over to the next year. You never lose anything that you pay for.

      Is there a free trial?

      We don't offer free trials at this time. However, we are more than happy to spend as much time with you as needed. We want you to be comfortable as well as confident in our solution when making your purchasing decision.

      How and when am I billed?

      An "active worker" is a worker that has clocked in at any point during a billing period. Billing occurs at the beginning of the month for the previous month's usage.

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