Piece Work Tracking Software for Blueberry Harvesting

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Time Tracking for Agriculture
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Harvesting blueberries with Time Portal

According to many experts, hand harvesting is the greatest expense for many blueberry producers. Crews are spread out over large fields and workers must carry the collected fruit to wagons located on the perimeter.  Since many blueberry pickers are paid based on weight, each bucket must be weighed as it is delivered by the worker.

Time Portal is an excellent time clock for agriculture and piece work tracking software for the harvesting of blueberries.  Tablet computers attached to scales can be mounted on one or more wagons that are located close to the harvesting activity.  Workers bring their buckets to the closest wagon, swipe their badge or RFID bracelet, and place their buckets onto a scale.

Time Portal helps you ensure that when you harvest pay calculations are properly handled for you.

Time Tracking for Agriculture

We listen to our customers and implement the features they need. What do you need to run your operation?
Time Portal - Blueberry Harvesting - Blueberry Farm Labor Payroll Software - Multiple Collection Points - H-2A Visa Program
Multiple Collection Points

One or more tablet computers can be used to collect information where it is most convenient.  Mount one on the bus to clock H-2A and domestic employees into and out of work or breaks.  Mount another on each wagon to collect piece production information. At the end of the day, Time Portal puts it all together to give you accurate time sheets for each worker.

Time Portal - Blueberry Harvesting - Blueberry Farm Labor Payroll Software - No Proprietary Hardware - H2A Visa Program
No Proprietary Hardware

We don't believe in dictating hardware. We understand that each and every operation is different and the requirements are not the same. We have built Time Portal to be flexible enough to work with most hardware available. No need to purchase new equipment if you already have made an investment.

Time Portal - Blueberry Harvesting - Blueberry Farm Labor Payroll Software - Multiple Scales - H2A Program
Multiple Scale Options

Time Portal supports several brands/models of scales already and can be configured to support many others so you can use the weight scale that you’ve already bought.

Time Portal - Blueberry Harvesting - Blueberry Farm Labor Payroll Software - Variable Buckets - H-2A Visa Program
Variable number of buckets

If workers pick more than one bucket at a time, you can configure Time Portal to let workers place one, two, three or more buckets onto the scale at one time.  Once the employee has scanned their badge, the crew leader taps the screen to indicate the number of buckets and Time Portal does the math to figure out net weight. This is a huge time saver!

Time Portal - Blueberry Harvesting - Blueberry Farm Labor Payroll Software - Pay by Bucket - H2A Visa Program
Pay by Bucket, Lug, or by Weight

Not everyone counts production and pays the same. Time Portal allows you to keep track of production the way you want. We support scale integrations to track by weight and we also have built the software to allow for variable number of buckets. Time Portal also provides scan settings, improving accuracy of data and helping eliminate fraud.

Time Portal - Blueberry Harvesting - Blueberry Farm Labor Payroll Software - In Field Reporting - H2A Visa Program
In Field Reporting

Domestic and H2A Visa Program workers are shown their harvest totals as they scan, eliminating the need for additional hardware such as printers in the field. Time Portal Mobile offers on screen reporting for full data visibility in the field. Save on the cost of paper, additional hardware and time.

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