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Time Portal Introduces Billing Features for Farm Labor Contractors

The heart of a farm labor contractors’ business is its employees. Keeping track of h2a and domestic employees’ hours worked and piece production for the purpose of payroll can be a daunting task. In addition, billing customers properly based on that information can be just as challenging.

Time Portal’s most recent release provides the plumbing for what will eventually become the new Billing Module. These features support the setup and handling of automatic billing calculations by grower and will serve as the foundation on which additional features can be added.

A farm labor contractor can now setup growers' billing information in Time Portal. Multiple billing rate scenarios are possible out of the box and can be applied on a grower-by-grower basis. Using Time Portal, a farm labor contractor can calculate billing totals for growers based on hours worked and/or piece production. Also, calculations for billing totals can be based on a flat rate, a flat markup or a percentage markup.

The latest Time Portal release also provides a few new billing reports. These reports provide detail and summary information by grower for billing hours, piece production and more.

Lastly, this release provides the ability to export the billing information into all Time Portal supported farm labor payroll and accounting software packages. We have beta tested these features with some of our largest customers and have seen tremendous improvements on efficiency and accuracy.

To learn more about the billing features introduced in this release, please see the article “Getting Started with the Billing Module".

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