Time Portal for Farmers

Farmers may require significant labor for just a few months and are often challenged by the amount of paperwork and record keeping associated with hiring workers.  

Time Portal makes it easy to track employee time and piece production to ensure harvest pay workers are paid as required by H-2A contracts or local regulatory agencies.

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Best time clock app for farmers

Whether you hire your own employees or use farm labor contractors, Time Portal can help.
Hire your own employees?

If you are a farmer and hire you own employees, Time Portal may be just the solution you've been looking for. We can track all your land, crops, varieties, jobs and labor down to the most detailed level.  You'll have actionable information and your labor data can be easily exported out to your payroll/accounting system.

Contracting your labor out?

If you hire farm labor contractors during harvest, Time Portal can help there too. Your farm labor contractors can use Time Portal and share their data with you for reporting and audit purposes. You can also use Time Portal to track the employees of your farm labor contractors.

Only have a few employees?

If you only have a few employees, you'll appreciate our flexible pricing model. Time Portal is affordable for any size farmer and will deliver powerful features at an affordable cost.

Farm Labor Management Software Features

Manage your H2A visa program and domestic workers and labor data with the best time clock app for farmers.
Digital Record Keeping

Time Portal can help reduce paperwork by collecting data on tablet computers and managing it online. All information is kept in the cloud and is easy to locate when you need it most.

H-2A and Domestic Workers

Manage hourly and piece work compensation for domestic and H-2A temporary agricultural workers. Time Portal will help you determine minimum wage makeup pay and meet the “three fourths” ¾ guarantee and hours offered requirements of your H-2A visa program worker contracts.

Worker Productivity

Review the productivity of the labor force and for each worker to understand the true cost of your yield.

Field / Crop / Variety Tracking

Keep track of field locations, crops and varieties. Your farm labor and piece work data can be aggregated and reported on at any level. View productivity levels as well as yield information.

Joint Employment

Time Portal can help you manage your records and provides detailed reporting, whether you hire your own employees or bring in a contractor.

Farm Payroll Software Integrations

After collecting the data, getting it into your payroll/accounting software is no longer a big challenge when you use Time Portal. We offer built in integrations with most popular farm payroll software packages.

Streamline your time tracking for agriculture.

Time Portal can make you more efficient and help you stay in compliance.
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