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Time Portal is a web-based time tracking system for agriculture that integrates with popular farm payroll software applications.
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Web-based Software Features

Manage your H2A Visa Program workers and agricultural timesheets with these great features

Web Based and Secure

Users can securely log into the application from any device with an Internet connection but may only access the parts of the program that you have permitted.

Easy Time Sheet Entry

Employee attendance and piece information can be imported from Excel, uploaded from mobile devices, or entered directly into the web application.  Bulk editing features allow for quickly adjusting times and piece counts.

Easy to Set Up

Employees, crews, locations, and other information can be imported using Excel to get you going quickly.

Integration with Mobile Application

Crew leaders can synchronize Time Portal Mobile to upload worker time sheets and piece counts throughout the day or whenever an Internet connection is available.

H-2A Worker Contracts

Define the parameters for each of your H2A Contracts and Time Portal will help you to measure progress and ensure that you meet your “three fourths” ¾ guarantee. The Hours Offered feature helps you to easily record daily hours offered and provide reason codes to explain the days you were unable to work.


Over two dozen reports are included to provide visibility of Time Keeping, H-2A, Payroll, Billing, Productivity and Performance of your labor force.

Wage Rules

To help you follow the labor laws for each state in which you perform work, Wage Rules can be used to specify how minimum wage, H-2A minimum wage, overtime, and break pay should be calculated.

Payroll Providers

Time Portal generates export files that can be seamlessly imported into the most popular payroll software for ag including CenterPoint, Famous, CertiPay, Datatech, Citrus Pro, GP, Avionte, TempWorks and more.

Information Sharing

Create links to selected slices of information that your grower, accountant or senior management can use to keep informed.  This gives stakeholders the information they need without having to provide weekly reports.

Child Companies

Manage completely independent operations by setting up Child Companies that each have their own set of employees and business rules.

Here are just a few of Time Portal's features

Time Portal is a web application for managing H2A and domestic agricultural timesheets. Employee hours and piece counts can be imported, entered manually, and uploaded from the free Time Portal Mobile application.  Payroll exports and reports can be produced from collected information.

Features include H-2A Worker Contract Management, Minimum Wage Makeup, and support for numerous payroll systems that are unique to agriculture.

Manage Agricultural Timesheets

Time Portal provides a robust set of features that allow you to manage your time sheets efficiently and accurately.

Farm Payroll Software Exports

Time Portal integrates with all the leading farm payroll software for ag. We provide detailed analysis of all data that is exported out of Time Portal.

Import Data Easily

Setting up Time Portal is a breeze. With our Excel import template, its as easy as copy and pasting into the spreadsheet and then uploading the file.

Integrates with your existing farm payroll software for ag

Don't see your farm payroll software? We support numerous types of payroll for agricultural employees and are building new farm labor payroll software integrations every day.

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