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Time Portal can streamline the collection or entry of agricultural timesheets for exporting into your farm payroll software. Time Portal can also help manage your customers' H2A visa program requirements.

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Time Portal is an excellent solution for PEO’s and other companies offering payroll services to farmers, harvesters, and other employers of H-2A visa and domestic agricultural workers.  Customer time sheets and piece counts can be imported with Excel or easily keyed into Time Portal.  Payroll information is calculated and exported into the leading agricultural farm labor payroll software. Reports provide business intelligence and help ensure compliance with labor laws and the H-2A visa program requirements enforced by the Department of Labor.

Time Tracking for Agriculture

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Multiple Company Support

Create a separate “company” for each client along with its own list of employees, jobs, locations, and business rules.

Multiple Users

Allow multiple users to access the system with fine grained control over which features they are allowed to view and use.

Bulk Data Import

Use Excel to quickly import employees, locations and other information provided by the customer.  A clean and professional import template gives your customer a consistent way to provide you this information.

Excel Time Sheet Entry

Provide your customer an Excel sheet that lists each employee and provides a space to enter daily hours and piece counts for several different pay rates.  Once it is filled out, simply import it into Time Portal.

Farm Labor Payroll Software Integration

Time Portal generates export files that can be seamlessly imported into the most popular agricultural farm labor payroll software including CenterPoint, Famous, CertiPay, Datatech, Citrus Pro, GP, Avionte, TempWorks and more.


Create and share links to reports with information that will give your customers real time access to the information they need without having to request weekly reports.


Time Portal offers many built in reports that can provide great value to your business and your customers.

Data Auditing

Time Portal provides you with the tools to ensure your data is accurate before it ever reaches payroll. Quickly validate your data, then process payroll after you have ensured accuracy.

Streamlined Data Entry

Getting data into your payroll software can be time consuming without the right tools. By working with our customers over many years, we've developed multiple ways to collect labor data in a variety of situations. We are confident that Time Portal will save you time entering payroll data.

Track agricultural timesheets with Time Portal.

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