Time Portal for Farm Labor Contractors

If you are a farm labor contractor, Time Portal can help you manage all your agricultural timesheets, piece production and more. Time Portal helps streamline your business by allowing you to share your data with your growers.

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Record keeping for farm labor contractors is a tough business.

Farm Labor Contractors have the unique challenge of finding labor, managing farm labor payroll, providing information to growers and billing for their service.  Additionally, farm labor contractors must comply with the rules set by the US Department of Labor and the requirements of H-2A Temporary Agricultural Worker visa programs.

Time Portal can help with its powerful system for collecting worker attendance and piece count data, calculating payroll, and generating billing information.  It can also help ensure that “three fourths” ¾ guarantee and hours offered requirements are met when hiring H2A workers.

Farm Labor Contractors Software Features

Manage your H2a and domestic workers with these great features
Collect Attendance and Piece Counts

The Time Portal Windows Tablet application makes it easy to clock workers into and out of jobs and to record piece counts.  Data can be collected while offline and later uploaded to the web application for processing.   The Time Portal web application also makes it easy to import hours and piece counts using Excel or by entering data which has been collected on paper.

Working in Multiple States

If you perform work in multiple states, Time Portal uses Wage Rules to specify how minimum wage, H-2A minimum wage, overtime, and break pay should be calculated for each state, county, city, etc. Time Portal makes it easy to handle the labor laws in different areas of the country.

Tracking Data By Grower

Summarize labor costs and yields for each grower. Generate the information needed to provide accurate billing statements for your customers.

Tracking Data By Location, Crop, and Variety

Generate reports that identify poor performing locations or crops that could be costing you money.

Worker productivity

Track the productivity and progress of each employee to minimize minimum wage adjustments and ensure that H-2A contract requirements are met.

Data Sharing

Create and share links to reports with information specific to your grower.  This gives them real time access to the information they need without having to request weekly reports.

Farm Labor Payroll Software Integrations

Time Portal integrates with most popular farm labor payroll software. We have powerful export capabilities to help make payroll a breeze.

H2A Worker Contract Management

Time Portal keeps track of your H-2A workers, worker contracts and hours offered. Quickly produce reports on hours offered and 3/4 guarantee.

The leading farm labor contractor application.

Time Portal can help you improve your farm labor contractor operation and stay in compliance.
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