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The annual need for roguing and detasseling labor is brief and usually involves many students. Workers must be accounted for as they arrive, are transported, and returned on multiple buses.

For years, Time Portal has been the best agriculture time keeping software for many detasselers who need to collect information for their farm payroll software. It includes the time tracking for agriculture tools to quickly clock in large numbers of workers, track their jobs and ensure that nobody is left behind for the ride home.  In the back office, Time Portal generates farm payroll information and the data that is needed by Pioneer, Bayer, and other growers.

Corn Detasseling and Roguing
Bulk Clock-in

Although Time Portal allows for individual clock-in using barcodes or RFID devices, it also includes bulk clock-in capabilities for quickly recording the start and end of day for large groups of detasseling workers. We often hear that this is the best time clock app for farmers.

Corn Detasseling and Roguing
Track Multiple Jobs

Workers can be clocked into jobs such as travel, training, and detasseling that are associated with a wage.  Time Portal calculates each worker’s pay according to their jobs and ensures that minimum wage requirements are met for the pay period.

Detasseling and Roguing Travel Time
Travel / Nonproductive Time Reporting

Easily track non-productive time such as travel or training. Time Portal will help ensure minimum wage requirements are met for the pay period. Time Portal will provide necessary adjustments to your farm payroll software.

Corn Detasseling and Roguing
Simple Job Switching

Take attendance and clock detasseling workers into their next job with a few simple taps on a tablet computer. This lets you quickly ensure everyone is accounted for while collecting data for travel and nonproductive time reporting.

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