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Time Portal allows you to easily track all your workers' hours, piece production and much more when harvesting Apples.

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Harvesting Apples with Time Portal

When it comes to apple harvesting, the cost for harvest labor is significant due to the manual and labor-intensive process that is often involved. Pickers may be part of a small crew that picks buckets which are added to bins and eventually collected for packaging.  Time Portal is a great solution for tracking individual worker piece production during the harvesting of apples and other similar tree fruit.

With its ability to track work performed at multiple locations, Time Portal will let you pay by the piece and at a rate that is specific to each variety.

H2A or domestic employees can simply scan their RFID fob or barcoded badge to receive credit for the what they pick.

Less paperwork, more farming.

Take a look at some of our great features below and learn how Time Portal can help your apple operation.

Track multiple varieties
Time Portal lets you pre-define all varieties of your fruit then select those varieties as workers clock into their job.  Reports can be used to identify non-productive locations, high producing workers and yields for each variety.
Track multiple jobs
Workers can be clocked into jobs that define the function, piece or hourly pay type, piece rate and minimum wage.  Time Portal calculates each worker’s pay based on the job, number of pieces, and amount of time spent on each job.
RFID and Barcode Scanning
Each worker can be provided with a barcoded badge or RFID wristband/keychain/fob that can be scanned whenever they clock-in, clock-out, or retrieve a bucket of fruit.  If they lose their badge, their crew leader can assign them a new one right in the field.
Location/Field Tracking
When workers move into a new field, they can quickly and easily clock into the new location and go right to work.  Time Portal will keep track of each worker’s time, pay and production for each location.
Integrations with Farm Labor Payroll Software
Time Portal creates payroll import files for many popular farm payroll programs. Plus, it includes advanced features that let you customize exported data making it one of the best solutions for producing payroll for agricultural employees.
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