H2A Visa Program for Temporary Agriculture Guest Workers

The H-2A Visa Program has been built into the DNA of Time Portal. Keeping up with hours offered and 3/4 guarantee is made simple with Time Portal.

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Digital Record Keeping for the H2A Program

If you hire H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers to perform seasonal work, you already know the rules can be quite challenging.  Once you get through the daunting petition process, the US Citizen and Immigration Services USCIS requires that you ensure minimum H-2A visa program contract requirements are met and documentation is available if you are audited.

Time Portal tracks hourly and piece pay as well as hours offered to help you ensure that you meet the “three-fourths guarantee” (¾guarantee) that is required by the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor.


Save Money by Using Time Portal's H-2A features

Not meeting your 3/4 guarantee can be costly. Time Portal will keep track of your hours offered, hours worked, and compare it against your H-2A program contract. With farm labor payroll software, managing this data and reporting on it during an audit is simple.

H-2A Software Features

Manage your H2a workers with these great features
H-2A Worker Contract Management

Manage information for each of your H-2A Worker Contracts that include the starting and ending dates, number of hours to be worked on each day of the week, and a list of employees.

¾ Guarantee Reporting

Generate reports that let you see how you are progressing towards the guarantee to offer at least 75% of the total number of hours in the H-2A contract.

Hours Offered Reporting

With a focus on time tracking for agriculture, you can review your daily and total hours offered for each agricultural worker to ensure compliance with your obligations under the H2A worker contract.

Reason Codes

Time Portal lets you identify the days that your crew is not able to work because of weather or other events that are out of your control.  Reason codes are used in various reports to support a DOL audit.

Hours Offered Default Rules

Save time entering the Hours Offered each day by using rules to automatically calculate Hours Offered based on the average for the crew, individual hours worked, or H-2A contract hours.

Minimum Wage Adjustment

When piece pay does not meet at least minimum wage, Time Portal will automatically calculate the required Minimum Wage Adjustment for a pay period. Reports are available to anticipate these extra costs well before the end of the week.

Works with Leading H2A Payroll Software

Time Portal has been designed to smoothly integrate with major H-2A payroll software. Time Portal collects the data from the field that is needed by most farm payroll software.

Using the H2A Visa Program?

Time Portal can help you stay in compliance.
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