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Time Portal easily keeps up with the high demand of strawberry harvesting. Track time and production for crews of any size.

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Strawberry Harvesting with Time Portal

Strawberry Harvesting often involves large crews working in large fields to package fruit into retail “clamshell” containers as it is picked.  Clamshells are placed into boxes or flats, then delivered to one or more collection points for quality inspection and palletizing.

Time Portal is a time tracking app that was designed to collect the time and piece production of H2A and domestic agricultural workers. It is especially well suited for strawberry harvesting. Time Portal is able to keep up with the high rate of scanning required when utilizing a large workforce. Tablet computers can be used to clock workers into and out of their agricultural timesheets and track piece counts for each worker.

With Time Portal Mobile, gone are the days of blind data collection. Time Portal's time clock for agriculture allows easy access and visibility of piece work and farm labor payroll data.

Less paperwork, more farming.

Take a look at some of our great features below and learn how Time Portal can help with your strawberry harvesting operation.

Multiple Devices
On smaller fields, a single tablet can be used to clock-in H2A visa program and domestic workers and track piece counts as they deliver flats to the quality inspection point.  Larger operations may choose to use a separate device at multiple collection locations to minimize travel time for each worker. Either way, Time Portal keeps track of the hours and piece counts for each worker.
Visibility Into Collected Data
Visibility into the data you collect in the field is extremely important. Time clock and production data can be viewed, adjusted, and reported on directly on the tablet in the field. No need to wait until you are back in the office to view the data or make adjustments.
High Speed Data Collection
Time Portal has been designed to keep up with the challenges of a large workforce that is collecting large amounts of piece data without having access to the Internet. Information is efficiently collected and stored offline until it can be uploaded for processing and exported into your h2a payroll software.
Badge Scanning
Workers can be clocked into a job or given credit for a piece simply by tapping prompts on a tablet computer.  For higher volume operations, each worker can be provided with a barcoded badge or RFID wristband that can be scanned whenever they clock-in, clock-out, or retrieve flats of strawberries.  If they lose their badge, their crew leader can assign them a new one right in the field.
Piece Collection
This time tracking app will help you to easily track the flats of strawberries that are collected by each worker.  This information is used to determine piece pay, minimum wage makeup pay and productivity for each worker.
Manage Large Crews
A large workforce is often needed when harvesting strawberry fields. Entire crews can be clocked in/out and managed easily with just a few taps of the finger on the mobile tablet.
Flexible Scan Settings
Time Portal supports multiple scan settings when clocking in, out, and collecting piece production data for agricultural timesheets. These settings help to improve data accuracy and reduce fraud.
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