Farm Labor Contractor Application for Vegetables

Time Portal allows you to easily track all your H2A Visa Program and domestic workers' hours, minimum wage adjustments, travel pay and more.

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Time Tracking for Agriculture

Vegetable harvesting is often performed by H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers and can require a complex process to ensure compliance with USDA regulations and H2A worker contract agreements.

Time Portal has been designed as a solution for growers and farm labor contractors who need an easier way to track and report on attendance and piece counts for workers as well as productivity and cost information relating to the harvesting of their crops.

Multiple Devices

Time Portal includes the best time clock app for farmers that can be installed onto multiple tablet computers that are used anywhere in the field.  H2A Program and domestic workers can clock in and out on one device and record piece counts (and weights) on another.  Once the information is uploaded to the office, Time Portal puts it all together to create accurate agricultural timesheets, generate farm labor payroll information and produce productivity reports.

Badge Scanning

Workers can be clocked into a job or given credit for a piece simply by tapping prompts on a tablet computer. For higher volume operations, each worker can be provided with a barcoded badge or RFID wristband that can be scanned for clocking in/out and recording piece counts.

Piece Collection

Piece counts can be collected with a barcode scan, with a scale or by entering numbers at the end of the day.  Time Portal provides information throughout the pay period to help you know if a minimum wage adjustment is going to be required before exporting to your farm labor payroll software.

Track Multiple Locations and Varieties

Time Portal lets you easily track workers who move to a new field or start on a different variety.  This information is uploaded to the back office where production and productivity reports can be generated for each location and for each crop/variety.

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Time Tracking for Agriculture
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