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Time Portal is a time tracking app for agriculture that integrates with your farm payroll software and helps you comply with requirements of the H2A Visa Program.

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Oranges, Grapefruit, Tangerines, and other citrus fruit are often harvested by crews of H2A and domestic workers who hand pick fruit into sacks which are dumped into tubs, then picked up by a “goat” truck for delivery to a trailer. To compensate workers, it is necessary to track the number of tubs/boxes that are filled by each worker or group of workers on the crew.

Time Portal is the best time clock app for farmers and farm labor contractors who are tracking the time and piece count for agricultural H2A and domestic workers in the citrus industry. Tablet computers can be used by crew leaders to clock workers into the job then update piece counts for each worker as they collect their tubs or enter the data at the end of the day.   Whenever the tablet can connect to the Internet, information is uploaded for payroll and reporting.

Time Portal helps you ensure that when you harvest pay calculations are properly handled for you.

Bulk Clock-in

Although Time Portal allows for individual clock-in using barcodes or RFID devices, it also includes bulk clock-in capabilities for quickly recording the start and end of day for large groups of H2A and domestic workers.

Track Multiple Varieties

Time Portal lets you pre-define all varieties of your fruit, then select those varieties as workers clock into their job.  Reports can be used to identify non-productive locations, high producing workers and yields for each variety.

Location / Field Tracking

When workers move into a new field, they can quickly and easily clock into the new location and go right to work.  Time Portal will keep track of each worker’s agricultural timesheets, harvest, pay and production for each location.

Track Multiple Crews

A single tablet computer can be used to manage agriculture timesheets for one or more h-2a and domestic crews. This lets several crew leaders share the same device or a single crew leader manage multiple crews for recording clock-in, clock-out and piece count information for their crew members.


At the end of each day, workers can review their totals and provide their signature right on the tablet.  Signatures appear on reports and provide evidence of compliance during an audit.

End of Day Data Entry

Time Portal can be used to clock workers into and out of jobs throughout the day then enter piece counts for each worker at the end of the day. This piece work tracking software works well for companies that use poker chips or paper to keep track of the number of pieces that were collected by each worker.

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