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Time Portal is a modern software suite built for farm labor contractors, growers or
anyone who uses H-2A labor and wants to manage their time and attendance, H-2A contracts and more...

Just some of Time Portal's great features

Below is just some of the things Time Portal can help you with.


Track time and attendance and piece production

Time Portal Mobile is an offline app that can be used out in the field. However, if an internet connection is available through Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot, data can be streamed seamlessly to the back office giving you real time feedback as to what’s going on in the field.

Export data to your payroll solution

Time Portal can export your time and piece data into most ag payroll solutions. This can make payroll considerably more efficient and help eliminate manual entry errors.  If we don’t have it, we can build it for you. 

Track H-2A Hours Offered

Time Portal makes it easy to keep track of your hours offered and worker contracts. This information is seamlessly integrated into the application limiting data entry and performing all the heavy lifting for you. Ensure accurate 3/4 guarantees by the end of your contracts.

Job, location and crop / variety tracking

Time Portal easily tracks multiple jobs, locations and crop/variety. It can easily switch between these for one employee or an entire crew. This data is tracked at the detail level giving you ultimate flexibility in all your reporting options.

Digital record keeping and better compliance

Time Portal has been built with the Labor Auditors and compliance in mind. It has a variety of verification methods available such as GPS location tracking, Signature approvals on clock out or at end of day, barcode and RFID reading, and much more. Data origins and histories are all tracked and available for reporting. All these settings are easily configurable on the Time Portal web site and published out to all Time Portal Mobile installations.

Minimum wage and make up calculations

Tracking and paying pieces, along with calculating minimum wage makeup can be a time-consuming task. Time Portal can easily calculate these values for you.

Customize the solution with flexible business rules

Time Portal has been built to be as flexible as possible. We believe that Time Portal is a tool that should augment your existing processes making you more efficient in your day to day. It does not look to dictate how you should run your business but empower you to make the decisions on your own behalf. Time Portal can be run with or with out compliance standards in place. These flexible business rules can easily be turned on or off allowing you to customize the system to meet your needs.

Security and reliability

Time Portal is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure where 80% of the Fortune 500 companies now host their servers. Our environment runs on a scalable infrastructure meaning that as customers using the platform fluctuate on a minute to minute basis, the number of servers available to service those customers can increase or decrease automatically based on the need. This means that the application remains fast, efficient and also significantly decreases the chance of an outage. Our software is backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA. Data that is stored in Time Portal is geo replicated across 3 Microsoft data centers around the US. This ensures that your data is always secure and available when you need it.

Manage data easily with an Excel spreadsheet

Time Portal offers a standard set of reports that are all available in PDF and Excel formats. We also offer straight data dumps for the excel pros out there who wish to have full access to their data. Time Portal setup data can be added or modified through the web site’s user interface or through our data importer. This importer provides you a convenient way through Excel to download your system data, add new records, modify existing records and then re-import it into your system. This is a quick and flexible way to make large changes to your system data.

"We started using Time Portal last year and we love it!"
Ricky lopez
Harvesting Manager, Statewide Harvesting & Hauling, LLC

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